Underlayings & Toppings

      Industrial Safety Coatings provides cementitious self-leveling flooring underlayment systems to customers in Greenville, Columbia, Spartanburg,  Atlanta, Charlotte, Hendersonville and throughout the Southeast.

      Our self-leveling underlayments make installation of hardwood, vinyl, and tile much easier for finished flooring contractors, and a self-leveling surface guarantees the superior performance of the finished floor products installed.

      Self-Leveling Flooring Benefits

      Cementitious self-leveling flooring offers many benefits, including fast turnaround times for installation and continued construction for the placement of walls in as little as 12 hours. Also, the surface can be walked on in as little as 3 hours. Most of our cementitious products begin with a cured PSI of 3500 pounds, but Industrial Safety Coatings can offer products with a cured PSI of 7500 pounds with fiber reinforcement to meet heavier traffic requirements. For exterior use, versions of our self-leveling underlayment exist to resist cracking because of extreme weather. Our installations can be placed as thin as 1/8th of an inch and be as thick as 5 inches in one single pour.

      Customized Flooring Solutions

      As with any floor coatings project, Industrial Safety Coatings determines the floor preparation, cleaning, and priming required to create a successful project. From here, we determine the depth of the pour needed to provide an acceptable finished floor product. The two areas discussed with our customers usually focus on a floor that is flat and smooth for the final floor surface or technically level to meet an engineered floor specification for a level surface over a specified room dimension. For example, a finished hardwood manufacturer may require a floor that varies ¼” in elevation change over ten linear feet while a close tolerance technical manufacturer may require a floor that is technically level for various measuring equipment in a laboratory in a quality control environment.

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      Industrial Safety Coatings

      Since 2005, Industrial Safety Coatings has been providing clients throughout the Southeast with high-performance epoxy flooring solutions and concrete polishing services.

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