High Performance

      Resinous Epoxy Flooring

      Industrial Safety Coatings installs resinous epoxy flooring for customers in Greenville, Charlotte, Atlanta, and areas throughout the Southeast.

      With options like slip resistant coatings, secondary containment coatings, chemical resistant coatings, and more, our seamless flooring options are an ideal solution for a number of applications over a number of various industries. Our installation services help General Contractors and Facilities Managers in construction divisions including Vapor Retarders (07 26 00), Epoxy Coatings (09 96 56), and High Performance Coatings (09 96 00).

      Our focus on epoxy concrete coatings allows us to address a number of maintenance issues for existing commercial and industrial facilities as well as new construction. Plant managers and estimators alike can consider Industrial Safety Coatings as their resource for installing high performance resinous epoxy flooring systems.

      Slip Resistant Coatings

      Our slip resistant coatings ensure maximum safety in diverse working environments, from commercial kitchens to warehousing facilities.

      Chemical Resistant Coatings

      Our chemical resistant coatings protect your facility’s flooring from damage caused by harsh chemicals.

      Secondary Containment Coatings

      Protect against chemical spills with our secondary containment coatings, which are customized to meet your facility needs.

      Clean Room Flooring

      Our resinous epoxy flooring systems provide a highly-durable, easy-to-clean, non-shedding work surface for clean room facilities.

      Hospital Flooring

      We offer anti-microbial, slip-resistant hospital flooring options to help meet your facility’s performance requirements.

      Cafeteria Flooring

      Our resinous epoxy flooring solutions are durable, stain-resistant, and easy-to-clean, making them an ideal option for cafeteria floors.

      Commercial Kitchen Flooring

      We offer commercial kitchen flooring solutions with stain- and slip-resistant properties to meet your facility’s needs.

      Food Plant Flooring (USDA Approved Flooring)

      Our USDA approved flooring is an ideal choice for food and beverage processing facilities.

      Seamless Flooring

      Seamless resinous epoxy flooring solutions offer an easy-to-maintain, durable, and attractive option for various applications. Our experienced team will assess your project to determine which coating will work best for your performance and facility needs.

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      Industrial Safety Coatings

      Since 2005, Industrial Safety Coatings has been providing clients throughout the Southeast with high-performance epoxy flooring solutions and concrete polishing services.

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