Staining & Polishing

      As an alternative to epoxy floor coatings, Industrial Safety Coatings offers concrete staining and polishing for customers in Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, Anderson,

      Charlotte, Atlanta, and areas throughout the Southeast.

      Polished concrete floors are a popular choice for diverse facilities, from warehouses and office buildings to hospitals and manufacturing plants.

      Polished Concrete Flooring Benefits

      Concrete polishing is a cost-effective solution for improving the appearance and durability of your concrete floors. The process offers a number of benefits, including:

      • Highly-reflective, attractive finish
      • Extensive design and color options
        • Staining
        • Score cutting
        • Engraving
        • Seeding with stones, glass, or other materials
      • Durable, low-maintenance surface
      • Environmentally-friendly option
      • No need for topical coatings
      • Suitable for many types of facilities

      Polished concrete floors can give your business a professional, well-maintained look for a fraction of the cost of other flooring options. As part of the polishing process, concrete floors can also be stained to replicate the look of polished stone, incorporate patterns, or showcase logos. Options like score cutting and engraving can also be utilized to further enhance your floor’s design. This versatility has made polished concrete floors an increasingly popular choice for nearly all types of businesses.

      Concrete Polishing Process

      Our concrete polishing process begins with floor preparation and cleaning. Next, we seal any cracks or joints and then densify the concrete with special chemical hardeners. During the polishing stage, we use heavy-duty diamond tooling to buff the floors until they reach the desired level of smoothness and reflectivity. The polishing stage typically requires multiple phases, beginning with a coarse grinding disk to remove surface flaws such as stains and minor pits followed by increasingly fine grinding disks to create the final, high-gloss finish. The process can vary slightly based on your color and design requests, the condition of your existing floor, and other factors.

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      Since 2005, Industrial Safety Coatings has been providing clients throughout the Southeast with high-performance epoxy flooring solutions and concrete polishing services.

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